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Thrift Core

Base package for the other Thrift libraries. This will usually not be used directly. Usually consumers will get everything they need from the consuming libraries:


$ npm install --save @creditkarma/thrift-server-core


For representing 64-bit integers in JavaScript we use the node-int64 library. We extend the base class from the library with static methods for working with 64-bit integers written as strings. These functions are largely taken from the apache thrift libs and added as static methods for convinience.


Given a string of decimal digits, return a Int64 object instance.

import { Int64 } from '@creditkarma/thrift-server-core'

const i64: Int64 = Int64.fromDecimalString("89374875")


import { Int64 } from '@creditkarma/thrift-server-core'

const i64: Int64 = Int64.fromDecimalString("89374875")
const val: string = i64.toDecimalString()

// val === "89374875"
toDecimalString static

For consistency the toDecimalString method is also available statically on the Int64 class. The static method can take a number or Int64 instance.

import { Int64 } from '@creditkarma/thrift-server-core'

const i64: Int64 = new Int64(64)
const val: string = Int64.toDecimalString(i64)

// val === "64"


  • Support CompactProtocol, JsonProtocol and FramedTransport


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