Validate queries agains a GraphQL Schema


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A CLI tool to validate queries against a GraphQL Schema. The primary use case for this tool is to validate schema changes against an existing query store.


To use the validator as a command line tool

npm install -g graphql @creditkarma/graphql-validator

To use the validator locally in a project

npm install --save graphql @creditkarma/graphql-validator


Given the following files


schema {
  query: RootQuery


type RootQuery {
  testString: String



Validate the query

Validate the query with the following code:

const loadSchema = require('@creditkarma/graphql-loader')
const validator = require('@creditkarma/graphql-validator')

loadSchema('./schema/*.graphql', (err, schema) => {
  validator.validateQueryFiles('./queries/*.graphql', schema, (errors) => {
    if (errors) {
         console.log('errors', errors);
    } else {
        console.log('All queries validated');

Validate the query using promises:

const loadSchema = require('@creditkarma/graphql-loader')
const validator = require('@creditkarma/graphql-validator')

loadSchema('./schema/*.graphql').then((schema) => {
  validator.validateQueryFiles('./queries/*.graphql', schema).then((results) => {

Validate query using CLI tool

> graphql-validator -s "./schema/**/*.graphql" "./queries/*.graphql"

The validator will first load and validate the schema, throwing errors if the schema isn't valid. Then it will check each query in the file glob by parsing the query and validating it against the schema. If errors are found, the will be displayed by file name and exit with exit code 1.

Note: you must use quotes around each file glob or the utility will not work properly.


Install dependencies with

npm install
npm run typings


npm run build

Run test in watch mode

npm run test:watch


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This project is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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