Statistics your blog data.


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Statistics your blog data.



hexo ,jekyll is ok.

使用 hexojekyll 构建的博客基本上只有符合下面的文章都支持。

title: Github-我的第一篇博客
date: 2017-04-24 10:30
categories: [前端]
author: Yi

layout: page
title: Github-我的第一篇博客
categories:  [笔记]
tags: [记事]

please see pyramid.config.js


npm install first.

node : v7.6+

'use strict';

const path = require('path');

module.exports = {
  root: 'E:\\git\\yi-love.github.io\\_posts', //bolg markdown file path
  strict: true, // if error exit 1   .. only ci
  extensions: [],  //ext file want read
  encoding: 'utf-8', //file encode
  author:'',  //no author file can set author default `Owner`
  filename: 'pyramid.html', //html file name
  hashFile: true,
  blogName: '',
  url: './static', //js,css path in html set
  cache: '',
  webpack: true, // if set false : return  articles
  watch: false,
  autoClear: true, // clear cache path
  mode: 'production', //webpack module
  viewPath: path.resolve(process.cwd() , 'pyramid'), //html path you want
  staticPath: path.resolve(process.cwd() , 'pyramid/static') // js,css path you want

1. npm

npm install -save-dev @cray/pyramid


npm run start

open output path index.html.

2. CI


npm install -g @cray/pyramid

open you blog dir:

npm install --save-dev pyramid

next ... cmd:

pyramid [configPath]

if travis CI thorw error:

ERROR in ./node_modules/tui-chart/dist/tui-chart.css
Module build failed: ModuleBuildError: Module build failed: Error: No PostCSS Config found in: /home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/tui-chart/dist
    at /home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/postcss-load-config/index.js:51:26
    at runLoaders (/home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/webpack/lib/NormalModule.js:252:20)
    at /home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/loader-runner/lib/LoaderRunner.js:364:11
    at /home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/loader-runner/lib/LoaderRunner.js:230:18
    at context.callback (/home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/loader-runner/lib/LoaderRunner.js:111:13)
    at Promise.resolve.then.then.catch (/home/travis/build/futuweb/futu.im/node_modules/postcss-loader/lib/index.js:194:71)
 @ ./node_modules/@cray/pyramid/client/index.js 5:0-38

please add postcss.config.js

3. require

const pyramid = require('@cray/pyramid');


options is default pyramid.config.js


Github: https://github.com/futuweb/futu.im

统计url: https://futu.im/statistics/

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

The npm package download data comes from npm's download counts api and package details come from npms.io.