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Farmblocks Tooltip

A simple tooltip component.



npm install @crave/farmblocks-tooltip


A text or children must be supplied, otherwise the tooltip won't be rendered.

Property Description Type Default
children content to be rendered inside the tooltip React.Node
text tooltip text string
isVisible controls its visibility bool true
positionX controls its position on axis X relatively to the parent one of "left", "right", "center" or "auto" "left"
positionY controls its position on axis Y relatively to the parent one of "top", "bottom", or "auto" "bottom"
boundariesSelector (only for align="auto") A CSS selector for a container which will define the limits for the tooltip. If not defined, the limit will be the browser's viewport string
zIndex zIndex value number 1000
hideArrow controls arrow visibility bool false
padding content padding string "8px"
offset distance from the container to the tooltip string "15px"
overflow overrides the default overflow property. Note that when overflow=hidden the arrow will be hidden as well string
fullScreenBreakpoint up to this window width, the tooltip will take the whole screen. Note that you must provide a way to close the tooltip string



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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