A customisable popover component


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Farmblocks popover

A customisable popover component

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npm install @crave/farmblocks-popover


  content={dismiss => (
      <Text>Popover content</Text>
      <button onClick={dismiss}>Dismiss</button>


Property Description Type Required Default
trigger A node that will be popover's trigger. Can also be a function that receives isVisible state and returns a node node or func => node Yes
content A render function with the contents to be displayed on the popover func => node Yes
tooltipProps Props to be passed to Tooltip component object
triggerWidth A CSS value for the trigger container width string auto
onOpen called when the popover opens func
onBeforeOpen called before the popover opens. If the given function returns a Promise, the popover will wait until it resolve to open func
onClose called when the popover closes func
disabled prevents the popover to open when the trigger is clicked. bool false



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