http request based on fetch api


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http request based on fetch api

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npm i @cqmbr/request


import Request from '@cqmbr/request'

const request = new Request(options)


new Request(options)

create a request instance

  • options:
    • options.baseURL: base url
    • options.headers: default headers
    • options.beforeRequest: will be called before request, you can handle with request config and return a new config, support Promise
    • options.afterRequest: will be called after request, you can handle with response and return it, support Promise

request.request(url, requestOptions)

basic http request

request.get(url, requestOptions): Promise<any>

request use GET

request.post(url, requestOptions): Promise<any>

request use POST

request.put(url, requestOptions): Promise<any>

request use PUT

request.patch(url, requestOptions): Promise<any>

request use PATCH

request.del(url, requestOptions): Promise<any>

request use DELETE


request config

  • url: string

    resource url, it will be automatically added after baseURL if you set it in constructor, support params

  • query: object

    query params, it will be automatically added after url

  • body: object

    request body, if request method is GET, it's same as query

  • params: object

    url params will be automatically replaced based on params, such as /{id} will be replaced by params.id

  • headers: object

    request headers


  • unit test
  • flow support

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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