UMD compatible script for GEO conversions between LL, UTM, USNG, and MGRS


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Java & Javascript converter for USNG (U.S. National Grid) and MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) coordinates.


  • Convert Lat/Lon Bounding Box to closest USNG
  • Convert Lat/Lon to UTM (with or without North/South indicator)
  • Convert Lat/Lon point to USNG
  • Convert Lat/Lon point to MGRS
  • Convert UTM (with or without North/South indicator) to Lat/Lon point
  • Convert UTM to Lat/Lon Bounding Box
  • Convert USNG to UTM
  • Convert USNG to Lat/Lon point
  • Convert USNG to Lat/Lon Bounding Box
  • Get UTM Letter Designator for a given Lat
  • Get Zone Number for a give Lat/Lon point
  • Parse a USNG string

Library Formats

This repository produces artifacts for use in both Java and Javascript projects. The Java library can be found in the Codice artifact repository and can be included in your projects with Maven coordinates:

            <version>[current release version]</version>

The Javascript library is delivered as a UMD package from npm and can be included in your projects by invoking require("usng2")


Example usage of this file with Cesium and OpenLayers can be found within https://github.com/codice/ddf.

Javascript users can also look at the included javascript test file, tests.js.




If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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