Teradata UI Platform built on Angular Material


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Core Teradata UI Platform for layouts, icons, custom components and themes. This should be added as a dependency for any project that wants to use layouts, icons and themes for Angular Material.

The core will have custom components that enforce standards and best practices through built-in design patterns.


This component can be installed as npm package.

npm i -save @covalent/core


Import the modules from @covalent/core as needed in your NgModule:

import { CovalentLayoutModule } from '@covalent/core/layout';
import { CovalentStepsModule  } from '@covalent/core/steps';
/* and many more */
  imports: [
export class MyModule {}

Styles, Icons and Theming

See theming in the covalent docs for more info

Core Teradata UI Platform comes with a base CSS file @covalent/core/common/platform.css (includes icons).

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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