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TdCodeEditorComponent: td-code-editor

<td-code-editor> is component for code editing based on Covalent and Monaco Editor. The component can run in both Electron and Web Browsers.

API Summary


  • value?: string
    • value of the code editor instance
  • language?: string
    • language used for syntax in the editor instance
  • registerLanguage?: function()
    • registers a custom Language within the editor
  • editorStyle?: string
    • Additional Styling applied to Editor Container
  • theme?: string
    • Theme used to style the Editor
  • editorOptions?: object
  • layout?: function()
    • Instructs the editor to remeasure its container



  • editorInitialized?: function($event)
    • Emitted when Editor is finished initializing. Event passes a reference to the actual editor instance that can be used to call additional operations outside of the Angular component.
  • editorConfigurationChanged?: function($event)
    • Emitted when configuration of the Editor changes
  • editorLanguageChanged?: function($event)
    • Emitted when the language of the Editor changes


This component can be installed as npm package.

npm install @covalent/code-editor


Due to an known issue in Monaco Editor version 0.20.0 https://github.com/microsoft/monaco-editor/issues/1842 regarding errors arising when quickly disposing editor instances, utilize the 0.17.1 version of monaco-editor.

We utilize the ESM build of the Monaco Editor. To include this build, you must utilize custom webpack. See https://github.com/Microsoft/monaco-editor/blob/master/docs/integrate-esm.md for more information.

Install the webpack custom builder.

npm install --save-dev @angular-builders/custom-webpack

Install the Monaco Editor webpack extension plugin.

npm install --save-dev monaco-editor-webpack-plugin

Create a webpack config file utilizing the Monaco Editor webpack plugin. Languages and features can be included/excluded to control the resulting image size.

const MonacoWebpackPlugin = require('monaco-editor-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  // target should only be specified when including component in Electron app
  target: 'electron-renderer',
  module: {
    rules: [
        test: /\.css$/,
        use: ['style-loader'],
        test: /\.ttf$/,
        use: ['file-loader'],
  plugins: [
    new MonacoWebpackPlugin({
      languages: ['css','html','javascript','sql','typescript'],
      features: ['contextmenu','clipboard','find'],

Note: If you are including this component in an Electron application, define the electron-renderer target. See Electron example here: https://github.com/Teradata/covalent-electron/blob/develop/monaco-webpack.config.js

Reference the webpack file in your angular.json build config.

"build": {
  "builder": "@angular-builders/custom-webpack:browser",
  "options": {
    "customWebpackConfig": {
      "path": "./monaco-webpack.config.js",
        "mergeStrategies": {
        "module.rules": "prepend"

Import the CovalentCodeEditorModule in your NgModule:

import { CovalentCodeEditorModule } from '@covalent/code-editor';
  imports: [
export class MyModule {}


        [editorOptions]="{readOnly:true, fontSize:20}"

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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