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A cli tool for deploying AWS resources using a JSON file.


Install using npm install -g @cosmunity/open-formation.

You must be logged into an account with access to the @cosmunity package scope.


open-formation looks for a file in the cwd named formation.json.



  • Enter the interactive ofn shell.
  • All below commands can be executed here without typing ofn.

ofn version <service-name>

  • This command deploys the specified ECS service.
  • ECS will deploy a new version of the service and handle any scaling operations automatically.
  • Instances will be automatically registered in the target load balancer.
  • Removed instances will be drained before termination.

ofn status

  • Print status information about the current formation.


ofn deploy [-y]

  • Deploy the machines in the current formation.

ofn rm <instanceId>

  • Terminate an EC2 instance.

ofn help

  • Full helptext


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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