a simple function for parsing parameters in a url


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a javascript / typescript module

npm install @coolgk/url

a simple function for parsing parameters in a url

Report bugs here: https://github.com/coolgk/node-utils/issues


import { getParams } from '@coolgk/url';
// OR
// const { getParams } = require('@coolgk/url');

const url = '/123';
const pattern = '/:id';

console.log(getParams(url, pattern)); // { id: '123' }

const url2 = '/123/abc/456';
const pattern2 = '/:id/abc/:value';

console.log(getParams(url2, pattern2)); // { id: '123', value: '456' }

const url3 = '/123/456';
const pattern3 = ':id/:value';

console.log(getParams(url3, pattern3)); // { id: '123', value: '456' }

getParams(url, pattern) ⇒ object

a simple function to get params in a url e.g. with url: user/123, pattern: user/:id returns {id: 123}

Kind: global function
Returns: object - - e.g. {userid: 123}

Param Type Description
url string url after the domain name e.g. http://abc.com/user/:id url should be /user/:id
pattern string e.g. /:userid/:name

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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