a simple RabbitMQ (amqp wrapper) class for publishing and consuming messages


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a javascript / typescript module

npm install @coolgk/amqp

a simple RabbitMQ (amqp wrapper) class for publishing and consuming messages

Report bugs here: https://github.com/coolgk/node-utils/issues


import { Amqp } from '@coolgk/amqp';
// OR
// const { Amqp } = require('@coolgk/amqp');

const amqp = new Amqp({
    url: 'amqp://localhost/vhost'

const message = {
    a: 1,
    b: 'b'


// consumer.js
// consume message and return (send) a response back to publisher
amqp.consume(({rawMessage, message}) => {
    console.log('consumer received', message); // consumer received ignore response
                                               // consumer received { a: 1, b: 'b' }
    return {
        response: 'response message'

// publisher.js
// publish a message, no response from consumer
amqp.publish('ignore response');

// publish a message and handle response from consumer
amqp.publish(message, ({rawResponseMessage, responseMessage}) => {
    console.log('response from consumer', responseMessage); // response from consumer { response: 'response message' }

// example to add:
// consume from (multiple) routes
// round robin consumers
// direct route + a catch all consumer


Kind: global class

new Amqp(options)

Param Type Description
options object
options.url string connection string e.g. amqp://localhost
[options.sslPem] string pem file path
[options.sslCa] string sslCa file path
[options.sslPass] string password

amqp.closeConnection() ⇒ void

Kind: instance method of Amqp

amqp.publish(message, [callback], [options]) ⇒ promise.<Array.<boolean>>

Kind: instance method of Amqp

Param Type Default Description
message * message any type that can be JSON.stringify'ed
[callback] function callback(message) for processing response from consumers
[options] object
[options.routes] string | Array.<string> "['#']" route names
[options.exchangeName] string "'defaultExchange'" exchange name

amqp.consume(callback, [options]) ⇒ promise

Kind: instance method of Amqp

Param Type Default Description
callback function consumer(message) function should returns a promise
[options] object
[options.routes] string | Array.<string> "['#']" exchange routes
[options.queueName] string "''" queue name for processing messages. consumers with the same queue name process messages in round robin style
[options.exchangeName] string "'defaultExchange'" exchange name
[options.exchangeType] string "'topic'" exchange type
[options.priority] number 0 priority, larger numbers indicate higher priority
[options.prefetch] number 1 1 or 0, if to process request one at a time

amqp.getChannel() ⇒ promise

Kind: instance method of Amqp
Returns: promise - - promise

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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