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Clone the repository and with yarn and node v10 installed run yarn run dev. Taui is built and run with next.js and now.


Copy the empty-store.json file to store.json. This file populates the data used for running a Taui.

Key fields:

  • allowChangeConfig -- Set to false when deploying a site for a user.
  • map.accessToken -- A Mapbox access token is required for Mapbox GL maps and Mapbox Geocoding to work.
  • grids -- Point sets or opportunities can be set here.
  • networks -- A url to an S3 bucket containing the results of regional analysis generated from R5.
  • poiUrl -- URL to a GeoJSON file that contains a FeatureCollection of Points to be shown on the map. Add a label to the properties field of each point.


Deploy to now

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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