Stylelint configuration used in Contactlab projects.


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Contactlab UXD Stylelint

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Stylelint configuration used in Contactlab projects.

The purpose of this library is to promote code style consistency across complex projects in organizations of all sizes.


We recommend to use Yarn over npm (is fine anyway) and this stylelint config package:

$ yarn add --dev @contactlab/stylelint-config-uxd


Create a .stylelintrc file with the following basic configuration:

  "extends": "@contactlab/stylelint-config-uxd"

Otherwise, add the stylelint key to your package.json:

  "stylelint": {
    "extends": "@contactlab/stylelint-config-uxd"

For more details about how shareable configs work, see the Stylelint documentation.


$ yarn install && yarn test

Similar projects

A configuration for linting JavaScript (ES5 & ES6) with eslint is available at eslint-config-contactlab.


The configuration extends the default stylelint-config-standard rules. A more comprehensive list of examples is available in the examples folder.

Package specific rules can be found in ./lib folder.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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