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:warning: This library is in progress and shouldn't be used quite yet. :warning:

ember-docs is a library to generate better documentation for Ember applications, using Ember's strong conventions to enhance JSDoc.


npm install @condenast/ember-docs


Ember has strong conventions, so we wanted to bring those conventions to writing documentation for Ember apps and Ember addons. Since the conventions are so strong, we can remove a lot of requirements of documentation engines and pull the information directly from code.

:sparkles: Magic :sparkles:

:point_right: No need to name files or define access on them.

app/helpers/equals.js is automatically detected as a public helper named equals because it's in the correct spot for an Ember helper.

app/helpers/-in-element.js is detected as a private helper because of the preceding -.

:point_right: No need to duplicate parameter structure in components & helpers.

Positional and named parameters are pulled from component and helper definitions and provided for you.

:point_right: Defaults are pulled from code

Default parameters are pulled from the code so you don't need to to define them twice. (Yes, you can override this)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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