Compass Digital IDs


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Compass Digital ID

Creates ids for use in the Compass Digital platform. Decodes ids to reveal the meta-data within.


  • node.js 6+


npm install @compassdigital/id


const ID = require("@compassdigital/id");

// or use ES6 module import syntax
import ID from "@compassdigital/id";

var new_id = ID({
    service: "menu",
    provider: "Acme XYX",
    type: "item",
    id: "abc1234"
// lBprpeED47ILDZBwAYB4iwy0D8Ne55INALa576e9iKX4

var decoded = ID(new_id);
    service: 'menu',
    provider: 'Acme XYX',
    type: 'item',
    id: 'abc1234' 

// Convenience method
new_id = ID("menu", "Acme XYX", "item", "abc1234");
// lBprpeED47ILDZBwAYB4iwy0D8Ne55INALa576e9iKX4


npm install mocha -g # if you don't have it installed already
npm test

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