Helpers to build CSS transitions


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Helpers to build CSS transitions


yarn add @comparaonline/ui-transitions


import transitions from '@comparaonline/ui-transitions';

It returns an object with the following data

  easing: {
    easeIn: 'cubic-bezier(0.4,0,1,1)',
    easeInOut: 'cubic-bezier(0.4,0,0.2,1)',
    easeOut: 'cubic-bezier(0,0,0.2,1)',
    sharp: 'cubic-bezier(0.4,0,0.6,1)'
  duration: {
    shortest: 150,
    shorter: 200,
    short: 250,
    standard: 300,
    complex: 375,
    enteringScreen: 225,
    leavingScreen: 195

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