## Installation


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yarn add @comparaonline/ui-card



import Card from '@comparaonline/ui-card';

The Card is an extension of Paper. It means it can receive all the props of it.

prop required type description
raised false bool If true, the card will use raised styling
highlightOnHover false bool if true and the device isn't touch, on hover it'll show a bigger shadow


import { CardContent } from '@comparaonline/ui-card';

CardContent adds a padding to the Card


import { CardSection } from '@comparaonline/ui-card';

CardSectioncan be used to define and stack the sections of a CardSomething implementation.

prop required type description
align false enum The text align of the children
marginTop false bool A manual adjustment of the margin top in pixels
marginBottom false bool A manual adjustment of the margin bottom in pixels

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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