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Collectable.js: Immutable Set

Immutable Set

An persistent set data structure, backed by an immutable hash map

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This documentation is under construction. The list of functions, descriptions and examples are pending.


# via NPM
npm install @collectable/set

# or Yarn
yarn add @collectable/set

If you intend to use other data structures as well, install the main collectable package instead. It takes a dependency on each of these data structures, and so they will become available implicitly, after installation.

# via NPM
npm install collectable

# or Yarn
yarn add collectable

TypeScript type definitions are built in.


Import and use the functions you need:

import { fromArray, toArray } from '@collectable/set';

const set = fromArray(['X', 'Y']); // => HashSet<[X, Y]>
const array = toArray(set); // => [X, Y]

Use a modern bundler such as Webpack 2 or Rollup in order to take advantage of tree shaking capabilities, giving you maximum flexibility to use what you need while excluding anything else from the final build.

Documentation pending

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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