The Cisco Collab UI Icons library allows developers to easily incorporate Webex Icons and CSS into any application.


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Collab UI Angular

CircleCI npm (scoped) license


Collab UI Angular is a UI framework for implementing Cisco Collaboration Design into web apps and sites.

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Install and manage the Collab UI Angular using NPM. You may use yarn or npm. By default, yarn/npm installs packages to node_modules/.

npm install @collab-ui/angular --save


yarn add @collab-ui/angular



Import the components that you would like to use in the NgModule and declare them in the "imports" using the forRoot() function.

import BadgeModule from '@collab-ui/angular/lib/badge';
// or
import { BadgeModule } from '@collab-ui/angular';

  imports: [

Then import the components into the components where you will use them.

import BadgeComponent from '@collab-ui/angular/lib/badge';
import { BadgeComponent } from '@collab-ui/angular';


See the contributing file!

PRs accepted.


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If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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