Top-down 2D game engine for the Craft app type. See NOTICE for restrictions on use.


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Note: proprietary materials fall under different rules, per the LICENSE.

Local Setup (all platforms)


You will need to first install Node.js

Setup Your Project

Check this project out from source:

git clone git@github.com:code-dot-org/craft.git
cd craft

Next, inside the project, you need to install the project's various NPM dependencies:

npm install

And you should now be ready to spin up a development build of your new project:

npm run dev

A browser should open with a Minecraft Hour of Code test page displayed:


All of the files required to run the game live in the src folder, including any javascript, images, HTML (ejs templated), and CSS. When the default npm build task is invoked, these files are compiled to a dist directory.

Files in the dist directory will always be generated and excluded from Git by the .gitignore, as such these will removed without warning and should generally not be edited.

What's being used?


  • If you intend to store development assets (i.e PSD's, Texture Packer files, etc) inside your project, store them outside of the src directory to avoid unnecessary copying during dev builds.

Resources for:


Available Targets

npm run

Display a list of all scripts that can be run with NPM. Notable options include:

npm run build
npm run dev

Configures and runs an un-minified development build optimised for fast watch performance with source maps and live reload. Opens browser window pointing to a test page on first build.

npm run lint
npm run test:unit

Updating or adding libraries

The project comes with an unminified version of Phaser with arcade physics, this can be replaced if you require updates or one of the alternate physics engines.

You can install new npm-compatible libraries with:

npm install --save my-package-name

Then require it in your code with e.g. import MyCoolTimesavingLibrary from 'My-Cool-Timesaving-Library'.

Some interesting npm libraries: list of browserify-friendly game modules, @substack's npm repositories.

Raw vendor packages can be added to src/test-build-only and added directly to src/index.html.ejs.

If adding new libraries that aren't CommonJS compatible, you'll have to additionally update the Browserify shim configuration in our package.json.

Coding style

We will try to follow the Airbnb ES6 styleguide.


Boilerplate based on the Phaser.js grunt/browserify boilerplate, which was based on 1 and 2.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

The npm package download data comes from npm's download counts api and package details come from npms.io.