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Updates project version and creates tag easily. This package works with bower.json, package.json.


Current version of bump works only with develop branch to the exclusion of using flag --force-release. If being used on other branches, bump generates an error. For bumping a version, commit and push changes or merge other branches on develop branch. Bump works in the next order:

  • creates commit with the ‘release v0.0.1’ message and pushes it on develop branch
  • switches to master branch
  • merges develop branch to master and then pushes
  • creates required tag of version and pushes
  • switches to develop branch

If master branch has commit which develop branch doesn’t have, bump generates an error. For fixing this merging master branch to develop is required. If required a release on current branch run bump with flag --force-release


Run this command in console to install the component:

npm i -g bump --registry http://dev-npm.qapint.com/


If you’re using NPM only check native solution npm version [ | major | minor | patch | premajor | preminor | prepatch | prerelease]


bump [options]

  • --patch, --minor, --major - Increase specific version
  • --current - push messages on current version
  • -r, --force-release - release on current branch
  • --no-tags - Do not create git tag
  • --info shows latest tag and manifests version
  • --files get list of manifests for update
  • -m, --message - put message for change log
  • -f, --force - no message
It is important

The current version is one on changelog and this messages will appear on version created via --patch, --minor, --major. After increasing a version via --patch, --minor, --major, a git push command is performed automatically


bump --patch|minor|major -m 'feature: action creator; fix: slide enter animation'

Fixing previous version:

  1. if fields "“version” in json files have different values, allow the user select correct version.
  2. forbid updating tag without changes in the json file

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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