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npm install -g @cloudstitch/cli

The Cloudstitch CLI provides command line access to Cloudstitch, as well as a web server to facilitate easy development of widgets.


The following commands can be invoked by typing cloudstitch <command> on the command line.

No login required:

  • pull user/app - Pulls down files to local disk
  • serve - Serves the current directory as a Cloudstitch widget.
  • signup - Helps you create and log into a new Cloudstitch account
  • login - Helps you log into Cloudstitch save your API key to ~/.config/cloudstitch.json
  • use [<folder>] - Provides usage information base of your widget

Login required:

  • clone <user>/<app> [folder] - Clones the user/app on Cloudstitch and does a pull into [folder]. If [folder] is not specificed, creates one named <app>.
  • create - Helps you create a new app based on one of seven base project types.
  • push [filename] - Pushes [filename] (default: all files) to the remote Cloudstitch project.
  • publish [--configure] - Publishes static site to github repository. NOTE: you must complete github authentication on cloutstitch.com before this can be used.

Cloudstitch Package format

Cloudstitch project record information in a cloudstitch.json file stored at the project root.

Available properties:

  • user - The username of the widget instance on Cloudstitch
  • app - The appname of the widget instance on Cloudstitch
  • kind - The type of widget (widget | jekyll, etc.)

Authentication and Configuration

Your command line configuration, including API key, is stored in file called ~/.config/cloudstitch.json.

The format of the config file is:

  "ApiKey": "Your API Key"

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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