Cloudflare Icon Component


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Cloudflare Icon Component


Installation with yarn is recommended

$ yarn add @cloudflare/component-icon


import React from 'react';
import { Icon } from '../../src';
import iconTypes from '../../src/iconTypes';

import { createComponent } from '@cloudflare/style-container';

const ColorWrapper = createComponent(
  () => ({
    backgroundColor: '#f1f1f1',
    paddingTop: '10px',
    paddingBottom: '10px',
    paddingLeft: '15px',
    maxWidth: 750,
    display: 'block'

const TextWrapper = createComponent(
  () => ({
    paddingRight: '20px',
    paddingLeft: '5px'

const IconComponent = () => (
      {iconTypes.map(iconType => (
        <IconWrapper key={iconType}>
          <Icon label={iconType} type={iconType} size="3x" />

      <Icon label="2x" size="2x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="2.5x" size="2.5x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="3x" size="3x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="3.5x" size="3.5x" type="gear" />
      <Icon label="4x" size="4x" type="gear" />

        <Icon label="default" size="2x" type="search" color="default" />
        <Icon label="primary" size="2x" type="caret-right" color="primary" />
        <Icon label="success" size="2x" type="ok" color="success" />
        <Icon label="warning" size="2x" type="info-sign" color="warning" />
        <Icon label="danger" size="2x" type="exclamation-sign" color="danger" />
        <Icon label="black" size="2x" type="remove" color="black" />
        <Icon label="white" size="2x" type="shield" color="white" />

const gutterSize = '0.5em';
const Icons = createComponent(() => ({
  display: 'grid',
  gridTemplateColumns: 'repeat(auto-fill, minmax(8rem, 1fr))',
  gridAutoRows: '1fr',
  margin: `0 -${gutterSize}`,
  '&::before': {
    content: `''`,
    width: '0',
    paddingBottom: '100%',
    gridRow: '1 / 1',
    gridColumn: '1 / 1'

const IconWrapper = createComponent(({ theme }) => ({
  display: 'flex',
  alignItems: 'center',
  flexDirection: 'column',
  justifyContent: 'center',
  margin: gutterSize,
  background: theme.colors.gray[9],
  '& svg': {
    flex: 1,
    marginTop: '1.5em'
  '&:first-child': {
    gridRow: '1 / 1',
    gridColumn: '1 / 1'

export default IconComponent;

Updating Icons

If you would like to add new icons to the component library/design system please follow the procedures below to help ensure the icons remain consistent.

Product Design

Follow the link to the product-design repository where you will find the original SVG's. Follow the Icon Guidelines for details on how to create, export, and add new icons to product-design and stratus repositories.


Once your icon is added to the product-design repo under the /icons/icons-exports/ folder and all instructions are followed it is ready to be converted to our React format in this Stratus repo.

  1. yarn install from the root of Stratus.
  • This should install the svgo dependency which is required in order to clean and compile the SVG's
    • If svgo does not install, you can install it globally on your machine with npm install -g svgo
  1. Create a new branch

  2. Navigate to the top of the Stratus repository and run yarn update-icons.

  • The product-design repo will be pulled in using the svgtoreact.sh script
  • The list of SVG's will be extracted and converted into React components based on the file names provided. They will be added under ../component-icon/src/reactsvgs/.
  • Additional files touched may include iconTypes.js and /reactsvgs/index.js
  1. Push up the changes and create a PR to staging. Your new icon will be merged into the repository and be available for use shortly!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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