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Looks for secrets in your code. Ignores .env files. The idea is preventing pushing secrets to a repository, so it is useful to invoke it in a precommit hook. You can use it in combination with lint-staged and husky for example so all (and only) modified files in a commit get analyzed.

Example secret:

const FACEBOOK_API_SECRET = 'ZVyyCKt7i2JMtlaJgnYExjRyBlI1KOHbxiDcseWQ9at5uHFvQl'

Running manually:

findsecrets /path/to/code.js


Found secrets in /path/to/code.js
    at line 1 ZVyyCKt7i2JMtlaJgnYExjRyBl...


Install locally. Perfect for using it in combination with lint-staged and husky or any npm script.

npm install @clevertech.biz/findsecrets

Optionally install it globally

npm install @clevertech.biz/findsecrets -g


findsecrets /path/to/code.js

Skipping lines or files

Sometimes you'll get false positives. You can ignore a line like this:

const falsePositive = 'yLjaLLAnycACDX3aAeA8Vnac' // findsecrets-ignore-line

You can also ignore a whole file by putting a comment containing findsecrets-ignore-file in the first line.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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