Command line utility to open links found in package.json


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Command line utility to open links found in package.json


Put in your package.json file a bunch of links with any tree strcuture you prefer. The leaves must be URLs.

  "browse": {
    "website": "https://example.com/",
    "sentry": "https://sentry.example.com/example/project-name/",
    "development": {
      "server": {
        "api": "https://api-dev.example.com/",
        "frontend": "https://dev-dev.example.com/"
      "sumologic": {
        "api": "https://www.sumologic.com/whatever",
        "cms": "https://www.sumologic.com/whatever",
        "frontend": "https://www.sumologic.com/whatever"

Now you have a few options:

Using npx

Just run this in the directory where your package.json file is:

npx github:clevertech/browse [path]

Installing locally

Install by using either:

npm install @clevertech.biz/browse -D
yarn install @clevertech.biz/browse -D

Add a local script in your package.json:

  "scripts": {
    "browse": "browse"

Then run:

npm/yarn run browse [path]

Installing globally

npm/yarn install @clevertech.biz/browse -g

Then just run

browse [path]


browse works in two different ways. If you don't provide any command line argument it will print all available links and an autocomplete interface.

If you provide the path, it will open the link right away.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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