Filters that detect when an element is partially or completely outside of the viewport.


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jQuery Offscreen Plugin


Filters that detect when an element is at least partially outside of the viewport. Useful for repositioning menus, tooltips, etc. when they would otherwise appear off the screen.


$('#element').is(':off-top')    // top of the viewport
$('#element').is(':off-right')  // right-side of the viewport
$('#element').is(':off-bottom') // bottom of the viewport
$('#element').is(':off-left')   // left-side of the viewport
$('#element').is(':off-screen') // any side of the viewport

Each filter returns true if #element's bottom edge is 1px or more past the specified side of the viewport.

Bootstrap 3 dropdown example

This example will keep Bootstrap 3 dropdowns from going off the right side of the screen.

$('.dropdown').on('shown.bs.dropdown', function() {

    var dropdown = $(this),
        menu = dropdown.find('.dropdown-menu');

    // Restore to default position

    // Adjust if it's off the screen
    if( menu.is(':off-right') ) {



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