Chefs Plate Mock Library


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Forgery is a collection of mocks used in Chefs Plate applications


Install as an NPM package

npm i @chefs-plate/forgery


To import a specific mock:

import { menus } from '@chefs-plate/forgery';

Available Mocks

Any of the following mocks are currently available:

Customer Mocks

  • customer

  • dateEvents

  • freebies

  • invites

  • platecredits

Guest Mocks

  • checkoutRequest

  • invalidCredentials

  • validCredentials

Menu Mocks

  • menus

  • tastePreferences

Plan Mocks

  • discount

  • discountedPlans

  • plans

Recipe Mocks

  • recipe

To Publish Changes

  • Update version in package.json
  • Pull request changes into master
  • Obtain access to the npm registry if you don't have one
  • npm login
  • npm publish --access public

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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