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Artillery is a modern, powerful, easy-to-use load-testing toolkit. Artillery has a strong focus on developer happiness & ease of use, and a batteries-included philosophy. Our goal is to help developers build faster, more resilient and more scalable applications.


  • Mulitple protocols: Load-test HTTP, WebSocket and Socket.io applications
  • Scenarios: Support for complex scenarios to test multi-step interactions in your API or web app (great for ecommerce, transactional APIs, game servers etc)
  • Performance metrics: get detailed performance metrics (latency, requests per second, concurrency, throughput)
  • Scriptable: write custom logic in JS using any npm module
  • Integrations: statsd support out of the box for real-time reporting (integrate with Datadog, Librato, InfluxDB etc)
  • Extensible: custom reporting plugins, custom protocol engines etc
  • and more! HTML reports, nice CLI, parameterization with CSV files

  • Enterprise: Run distributed tests from the cloud, integrate with CI/CD easily, and add support for enterprise features such as SOAP testing and extra authentication methods (SSL client auth, NTLM) with Artillery Pro.
  • For training, custom integrations, and performance consulting services see our professional services page.

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Use Cases

  • Peak traffic testing - ensure your e-commerce backend, IoT service or web API can handle max traffic
  • Pre-launch load testing - for new websites, mobile app backends, web APIs etc
  • Continuous performance testing for new microservices as they are being built
  • Preventing performance regressions - stop performance regressions due to new code or config changes before they are shipped to users
  • Help profile & debug common issues such as extensive GC pauses, memory leaks, improperly configured resource pools etc

There's a lot of fun to be had with a good load generator like Artillery.

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Artillery is open-source software distributed under the terms of the MPLv2 license.


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