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Camomile UI

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UI component library for Camomile.

Camomile UI is a front end application only and requires a connection to a Camomile API server.

To start using this library, you can use camomile-ui-boilerplate.

Npm scripts

# Install dependencies.
npm install

# Serve with hot reload at localhost:8080 (with Webpack).
npm run dev

# Build for production with minification (with Rollup).
npm run build

# Run tests (with Jest and vue-test-utils).
npm run test

Create a local Camomile API server

For development purposes, you can create a local Camomile API server.

Create one additional camomile-data folder next to this one, resulting in the following structure:

+-- camomile-ui
+-- camomile-server
+-- camomile-data
    +-- mongodb
        +-- files
    +-- camomile
        +-- logs
    +-- media
    +-- upload

Start the server (from the camomile-ui directory):

export CMML_DB=../camomile-data/mongodb/files && export CMML_LOGS=../camomile-data/camomile/logs && export CMML_MEDIA=../camomile-data/media && export CMML_UPLOAD=../camomile-data/upload && export CMML_PORT=3000 && export CMML_PASSWORD=roO7p4s5wOrD && docker-compose -f ../camomile-server/docker-compose.dev.yml up --build -d


See contributing.md for further infos.




If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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