Cross platform storage for React Native and Web, built on top of React Native


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Cross platform local storage with React Native - like API.

Check out working web example 💻 and mobile 📱

In order to use it, just import from either web or native:

import AsyncStorage from '@callstack/async-storage';

and call any of the methods available here. The API is 100% compatible, including the errors that can be thrown.

AsyncStorage.setItem('key', 'value')
  .then(() => {})
  .catch(() => {})

Warning: Unlike React Native AsyncStorage, this module doesn't accept callbacks. If you are already using Promises or async/await, this warning can be ignored.

Sice the version 1.1.0 we do support callbacks (along with promises) for methods setItem, getItem, removeItem and getAllKeys. That's mean that this library now plays well with e.g. redux-persist. :rocket:

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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