API client for Caldera Forms and Caldera Forms Pro


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JavaScript API client for Caldera Forms REST API and Caldera Forms Pro REST API.

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npm i @caldera-labs/api-client


Create a form client and use it to get page one of form configs via API

import {wpClientFactory} from '@caldera-labs/api-client';

const formsAdminApiClient = wpClientFactory(
    'https://hiroy.club/wp-json/cf-api/v2', //root of Caldera Forms REST API namespace
    '12345', //the nonce for REST API cookie authentication
        'forms' //type of client to get
let forms = [];
formsAdminApiClient(page).then(r => {
    forms = r;
}).catch(error => {
    throw error;

See: http://calderalabs.org/caldera-api-client/manual/overview.html#usage

Development Requirements


We use Facebook Jest for unit tests. Test go in the directory __tests__.

  • Run test watcher
    yarn test

Make sure to review the docs on testing requests


Build for release

  • yarn build
    • Runs tests, and flow type checks and Babel compiles with minification and source map.

This script calls a pre, compile, and post subcommands. For consistency, please call other scripts at those three events.


*yarn test - Run test watcher

  • npm test:once
    • Run tests once

Type-checking With Flow

  • yarn flow

Lint Code

  • yarn lint
    • Run linter and fixer watch
  • yarn lint:fix
    • Lint and fix code once
  • yarn lint:once
    • Lint code once

Generate Documentation

  • npm run documentation
    • Generates documentation from inline docs
    • Generates documentation from markdown files in /manual

Release To npm

Must be logged in as project maintainer via npm cli

  • yarn release

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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