Generates a development project for Cortex constructs like actions and skills


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Yeoman Generator for Cortex Projects

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This is a Yeoman generator for setting up a project that groups a collection of Cortex skill definitions and the underlying implementation logic.


  1. Create a Cortex project:

    yo cortex

  2. Add a skill to the project:

    yo cortex:skill

User Setup

  1. Install Yeoman npm install -g yo
  2. Install the Cortex generator for Yeoman npm install -g generator-cortex

User Process

  1. Prepare for isolating this project's components
  2. Set up a Cortex account
  3. Set up a developer account
  4. Install Cortex Studio and configure for skill development
  5. Create a directory for the project
  6. Generate the recommended project layout using yo cortex
  7. Generate skills as needed using yo cortex:skill
  8. Commit work to an SCM like git.

These steps are detailed in the setup guide

Generator Contributor Setup

  1. Install the Cortex CLI
  2. Install Yeoman

Developer setup

Running locally

yo ./generator/app
yo ./generator/datasets


node --inspect `which yo` <generator> [arguments]

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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