Report function throttler for enforcing delays between reports.


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Controls the frequency at which a report function is called.


npm install @buzuli/throttle


const throttle = require('@buzuli/throttle')

const notify = throttle(options)


The throttle package exports the function (aliased throttle). This function accepts an object (aliased options) and returns a notifier function (aliased notify).


  • reportFunc - the report function which will be run at the maxDelay interval
    • type is function
    • default is undefined
    • if undefined or null, it is a no-op not an error
    • may be replaced at any time using the notify function
  • minDelay - reports will never run more frequently than this
    • type is number
    • units is milliseconds
    • default is 1000
    • if undefined or null, the default value is used
  • maxDelay - reports will be forced at this frequency
    • type is number
    • units is milliseconds
    • default is 5000
    • if undefined, the default value is used
    • if null or <= 0, then reports will only run when triggered by a notifier event
    • if < minDelay, the value of minDelay will be used in its stead

notify({reportFunc, force, halt})

The notifier function causes the internal notification count to increase, and will cause the report function to be run if minDelay has been met.

If maxDelay is > 0, reports will be forced when it has been >= maxDelay milliseconds since the last report.

If maxDelay is null or <= 0 and the notify function has NOT been called, then reports will not be scheduled.

If maxDelay is null or <= 0 and the notify function HAS been called, then a report will either be run (if time since last reports > minDelay) or will be schedule to run in reportDelay = minDelay - (now - lastReport).

If reportFunc is a function, it will replace the report function for this and all further reports.

If force is true, the report will be run, even if the time elapsed since the last run is less than minDelay.

If halt is true, the next notification will not be scheduled, permitting the process to halt.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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