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Simple library which adds smooth drag scrolling with gradual deceleration to containers.

All props go to vanilla.kinetic and jQuery.kinetic. This repository holds a modern version and publishes the package via npm.


npm install @buxlabs/kinetic


import Kinetic from '@buxlabs/kinetic'

const node = document.getElementById('wrapper')
const kinetic = new Kinetic(node)
// ...


This plugin works with every browser supporting (natively or via polyfills) requestAnimationFrame, classList and addEventListener.


  • ie: 10+ (7+)
  • firefox: 23+ (3.6+)
  • chrome: 24+ (13+)
  • safari: 6.1+ (5+)
  • iOS Safari: 7.1+ (4+)


cursor          {string}    default: move   Specify the cursor to use on the wrapper
slowdown        {number}    default: 0.9    This option affects the speed at which the scroll slows
threshold       {number|function(target, e)}    default: 0   This is the number of pixels the mouse needs to move before the element starts scrolling
x               {string}    default: true   Toggles movement along the x axis
y               {string}    default: true   Toggles movement along the y axis
maxvelocity     {number}    default: 40     This option puts a cap on speed at which the container
                                            can scroll
throttleFPS     {number}    default: 60     This adds throttling to the mouse move events to boost
                                            performance when scrolling
triggerHardware {boolean} false             This adds css to the wrapper which
                                            will trigger iOS to use hardware acceleration
invert          {boolean}   default: false  Invert movement direction

filterTarget    {function(target)}          Return false from this function to
                                            prevent capturing the scroll

movingClass     {object}
    up:         {string}    default: 'kinetic-moving-up'
    down:       {string}    default: 'kinetic-moving-down'
    left:       {string}    default: 'kinetic-moving-left'
    right:      {string}    default: 'kinetic-moving-right'

deceleratingClass {object}
    up:         {string}    default: 'kinetic-decelerating-up'
    down:       {string}    default: 'kinetic-decelerating-down'
    left:       {string}    default: 'kinetic-decelerating-left'
    right:      {string}    default: 'kinetic-decelerating-right'

Listeners:  All listeners are called with:
            - this = the instance of the Kinetic class

moved       {function()}           A function which is called on every move
stopped     {function()}           A function which is called once all
                                           movement has stopped
selectStart {function()}           A function which is called on user try to drag (select text),
                                           return false to prevent selection when dragging

Methods:    You can call methods by running the kinetic plugin
            on an element which has already been activated.

            eg  DOM_element.kinetic(); // activate

start       Start movement in the scroll container at a particular velocity.
            This velocity will not slow until the end method is called.

            The following line scrolls the container left.
            DOM_element._VanillaKinetic.start({ velocity: -30 });

            The following line scrolls the container right.
            DOM_element._VanillaKinetic.start({ velocity: 30 });

            The following line scrolls the container diagonally.
            DOM_element._VanillaKinetic.start({ velocity: -30, velocityY: -10 });

end         Begin slowdown of any scrolling velocity in the container.

stop        Stop the scrolling immediately

detach      Detach listeners and functionality from the wrapper
            NOTE: This won't destroy the associated data, such method is currently
            in @TODO state

attach      Re-attach listeners and functionality previously detached using
            the detach method



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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