Buttercup archive importer for other password manager archives


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Buttercup Vault Importer

Import vaults from other password managers

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This vault importer coverts password vaults from other formats to the Buttercup vault format (BCUP).


This library is not intended to be used as a standalone application. Its functionality is available via the Buttercup Desktop applications.

You can of course use the importer in your own projects, by importing the individual importers.


const { KDBXImporter } = require("@buttercup/importer");


Check out the API documentation.

Supported platforms

The importer requires Node 8 or higher.

Supported password vault formats

  • Bitwarden JSON exports
  • Buttercup (BCUP) vaults
  • Buttercup CSV exports
  • CSV files
  • KeePass KDBX vaults (removed in v3)
  • KeePass XML exports
  • LastPass CSV exports
  • 1Password (1PIF) exports

Importing from 3rd-party managers


KeePass vaults can be imported using either of the 2 supported importers:

  • KeePass XML (version 2) - KeePass2XMLImporter
  • KDBX vaults (up to, and including, version 4) - KDBXImporter

To import KeePass vaults, first export to XML format.


1Password vaults can be imported from 1pif directories using the OnePasswordImporter module.

Imported 1Password archives may lose some information regarding their type (eg. Credit cards). The 1Password Importer supports importing the following types:

  • Web Forms
  • Passwords
  • Credit Cards
  • Software Licenses
  • Emails
  • SSNs
  • Router Passwords


Lastpass credentials can be exported as CSV files, which can be imported using Buttercup importer.


Bitwarden credentials can be exported as JSON files, which can be imported using Buttercup importer.

Imported bitwarden archives contain the username, password, the first url associated with the item, notes and any custom fields. Attachments are not currently supported.


Buttercup vaults can be imported using the ButtercupImporter.

Importing from Buttercup exports

Exported Buttercup vaults can be re-imported into a new Vault. Take the exported CSV file and import that in Buttercup Desktop.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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