Error objects for HTTP status codes that can be thrown with status set


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A set of Error classes which contain a status set for handling errors in Express.

Working With


  • NodeJS 6 LTS

Using http-errors

The following Error classes exist with the status set:

Error Status
BadRequestError 400
NotAuthorizedError 401
BannedError 402
ForbiddenError 403
NotFoundError 404
AccountLockedError 429
InternalServerError 500

To raise one of these errors, first require in the @bouncingpixel/http-errors package, then just use like any other Error

  • call next, for example: next(new HttpErrors.BadRequestError('My Error Message'));
  • or throw the error, for example throw new HttpErrors.BadRequestError('My Error Message');
  • or use in a callback, for example done(new HttpErrors.BadRequestError('My Error Message'));
  • or any other use of an Error object

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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