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Official Telegram connector for Botpress. This module has been built to accelerate and facilitate development of Telegram bots.


Botpress Team would really appreciate to have some help from the community to work on this important module. By helping us, you will contribute to the core and by the way, you will become one of our Botpress Leaders!


npm install @botpress/channel-telegram

Get started

To setup connexion of your chatbot to Telegram, you need to fill the connexion settings directly in the module interface. In fact, you only need to follow this step and your bot will be active.

{{BOT ROOT DIR}}/config/channel-telegram.json

  "botToken": "451660170:AAHM2CD-Z8Kt3AwqcQLnaUgIk5bUJay3s0M"

You can also set the TELEGRAM_TOKEN environment variable

How to create an Telegram Bot Token

Video tutorial


There's a Slack community where you are welcome to join us, ask any question and even help others.

Get an invite and join us now! 👉https://slack.botpress.io


botpress-telegram is licensed under AGPLv3.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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