BORN Module to handle Modals. Provides callbacks and static methods to open, update, and close the modals


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BORN Modal

Very simple module to create modals on the fly. Features callbacks and open/update/close methods.


content: [HTMLElement || String] [REQUIRED] HTMLElement or String which contains all the content for your Modal.

modalID: [String] Default: random string. Unique ID for the Modal. If a Modal with the same ID is present, said Modal will open instead.

container: [HTMLElement || String] Default: document.body. Specify a container for the Modal. Can be an HTMLElement or a selector string.

keepAlive: [Boolean] Default: true. If set to false, the Modal will be removed from the DOM after closing it.

openImmediately: [Boolean] Default: true. Open the Modal immediately after creating it.


beforeOpenCallback: [function] Runs every time before the Modal is opened or updated. If false is returned, Modal won't open nor update.

afterOpenCallback: [function] Runs every time after the Modal opens.

afterCloseCallback: [function] Runs every time after the Modal is closed.

afterCreateCallback: [function] Runs once after the Modal is initially created. If keepAlive is true it will run every time the Modal opens.


You can run these on your new Modal instance:

open: [or yourModalElement.modal.open();]

close: [or yourModalElement.modal.close();]
parameters: [None]

update: [or yourModalElement.modal.update();] parameters:
'content': [String || HTMLElement] HTML string or HTMLElement to update the Modal with.
'newID': [String] Changes the updated Modal's ID to this value.


var myModal = new Modal({
    modalID:                'custom-unique-id',
    modalClass:             'homepage-modal',
    content:                 '<p>Content for the Modal here</p>',
    beforeOpenCallback:     function(modal) {
                                if (someCondition) {
                                    //Do something.
                                    return true;
                                return false;

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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