Enhances the useful [flex-grid](http://matthewsimo.github.io/scss-flex-grid/) to provide extra features, such as multi-base grids.


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BORN Flexbox Grid

Enhances the useful flex-grid to provide extra features, such as multi-base grids.

Includes SASS and LESS options, as well as a built CSS and minified file.



Recommended: use the node-sass|libSass includePaths option to reference your node folder.

You can setup custom values for your grid. Follow instructions here for a how to.

Additionally, you can set $fg-columns as a list to generate a grid with multiple bases:

$fg-columns: 10, 12, 16;

You can also set different spacing per breakpoint using $fg-gutter. Note: You can skip a breakpoint if you want.

$fg-gutter: (xs: 0.5rem, md: 1rem, lg: 1.5rem);

Set $fg-use-off-half to true to generate -off margin positioning using half a column's width.

$fg-use-off-half: true;

Finally, import the grid into your file:

@import 'path/to/node_modules/born-flexgrid/src/flex-grid.scss';


Recommended: use the lessc --include-path option to reference your node folder.

Usage is similar to the SASS setup. The only differences are:

  1. Import the .less variant:

     @import 'path/to/node_modules/born-flexgrid/src/flex-grid.less';
  2. LESS doesn't support maps, so you must setup your breakpoint variables as a list of lists:

     @fg-breakpoints: xs, sm 768px, md 992px, lg 1200px;

    Unlike the SASS version, @fg-gutter must have the same order as @fg-breakpoints, and must have values for each breakpoint:

     @fg-gutter: xs 0.5rem, sm 0.75rem, md 1rem, lg 1.5rem;

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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