Manage Front-End translations from multiple sources


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Vericast Front-End translation management

This package handles all front-end translations sources, at the moment Preact, Angular and i18next, merging them in a single XLIFF 1.2 file.

Once the translations of the XLIFF 1.2 file is done, the package takes care of splitting the file between resources to minimize the size of the bundles.


This is a standard Node v8+ package. Just add @bmat/translation-management to package.json.


Run the command

npm run test

An Jest watch session will launch.

To run the tests once, like in a CI environment, run

npm run test:ci

Coverage data will be saved in the coverage folder.



npm run build

To compile the Typescript files to JavaScript. The destination folder is dist. This folder will be exported when publishing the package.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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