wrapper for HTML5 GeoLocation


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wrapper for HTML5 GeoLocation


We've noticed that different browsers (and web views) sometimes return a Position object that is incompatible with JSON.stringify(). Our wrapper fixes this problem.

Further, it also exposes a Promise API for people that prefer them.


This library assumes ECMAScript 2015 support (including Promise). Be sure to shim these in older environments as required.



  • @param {Position} position returned from GeoLocation API
  • @returns {Object} plain JavaScript object with the coordinate information
  • @throws {TypeError} if position or position.coords are not objects


  • @param {Object} [options]
  • @returns {Promise}

Promise style that is otherwise inspired by the W3C standard: http://dev.w3.org/geo/api/spec-source.html#api_description

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