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Provides a SKYUX library for interacting with the Help Widget. Wraps much of the functionality of @blackbaud/help-client in SKYUX-compatible fashion. This module is a dependency of @skyux-sdk/builder.

SKYUX usage

Enable the help widget by providing a configuration in skyuxconfig.json. @skyux-sdk/builder will initialize the widget based on this config.

  "help": {
    "helpMode": "menu"

See widget-config.ts for more configuration properties.

Use the widget by injecting the HelpWidgetService into your desired directive/service.

  selector: 'my-comp',
  template: `
    <button (click)="open()">Help</button>
export class MyComponent {
  public constructor(private helpSvc: HelpWidgetService) {

  public open(): void {

Menu vs legacy mode

See @blackbaud/help-client for more information on the helpMode property. menu is the recommended mode going forward.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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