This script is used to scrape Stache 2 sites and consolidate the content into a JSON blob for indexing.


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Stache Search

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These commands create the assets required to scrape a Stache SKYUX SPA and publish the resulting JSON blob to an Azure Search Service Index.


npm install --save-dev @blackbaud/skyux-builder-stache-search


Add searchConfig to the stache object in your skyuxconfig.json file's appSettings in order to configure variables for the search commands. All of these are configured by default:

"appSettings": {
  "stache": {
    "searchConfig": {
      "allowSiteToBeSearched": true,
      "is_internal": true,
      "site_names": ['stache2'],
      "is_globally_searchable": true


This setting determines if a site should be searched or not. The default is true. Setting this to false short circuits the commands during the build and release process, preventing the site from being scraped and the results published.


This setting indicates whether a Stache site is internal only or not. The default is true. If set to false, the site's search contents will be available via the public endpoint for non-Blackbaud employees to view.


This setting determines which Stache sites should be included in the search results. The default is only the site you are currently on. If you add other site names to the array, it will add those sites' contents to the searchable content.


This setting determines whether the site will be included on the global search page. The default is set true, allowing your sites content to appear on the global stache search. If set to false, your site content will only be searchable when queried directly.

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