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SKY UX 2 provides Angular components, services, and modules to create user interfaces, and it takes advantage of Angular for tooling, testing, and performance. The SKY UX Builder developer tool provides for a rapid development process with minimal setup for developers to create single-page applications.

For guidance on how to install the command line interface for SKY UX Builder, see the initial setup section of the SKY UX website.

To install just the SKY UX components without any additional features, use the following NPM command. We recommend NPM version 3+ for its flat dependency structure.

npm install @blackbaud/skyux

For documentation on the SKY UX components, see the Components section of the SKY UX website.


We highly encourage contributions from all SKY UX users. We just ask you to follow the coding conventions in the existing code and to write the appropriate unit tests for your features.

For information about how to contribute, see the SKY UX contribution guidelines.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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