RFC3339 / ISO8601 String from Date


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Output RFC3339 / ISO8601 String from Date


$ yarn add @bitchcraft/timestamp
$ npm install -P @bitchcraft/timestamp



timestampFromDate(date: Date, tz: Timezone): string

Outputs an RFC3339 / ISO8601 string from a date. The date is converted to the specified output TZ, or UTC (Z / +0000) if not provided.

@param Type Default value Description
date Date required
timezone Timezone new Timezone('Z') the TZ for the output string

ES6 example

import { timestampFromDate, Timezone } from '@bitchcraft/timestamp';

const utcTimezone = new Timezone('Z');
const currentDate = new Date();
const currentUtcTimestamp = timestampFromDate(currentDate, utcTimezone);

console.log(`The current UTC timestamp is ${currentUtcTimestamp}.`);

ES5 example

var { timestampFromDate, Timezone } = require('@bitchcraft/timestamp');

var utcTimezone = new Timezone('Z');
var currentDate = new Date();
var currentUtcTimestamp = timestampFromDate(currentDate, utcTimezone);

console.log('The current UTC timestamp is %s.', currentUtcTimestamp);


new Timezone(tz: string): Timezone

A timezone helper class.


@param Type Description
tz string Timezone string, e. g. 'Z', 'GMT+3', '-0230'. Default value is '+0000'

Properties and methods

Return type Description
@prop value string ISO timezone string, e. g. 'Z', '+0800', '-1130'
@prop hours number (unsigned int) integer representation of the hours part of the timezone. See toNumber() to get an integer representation of the timezone.
@prop minutes number (unsigned int) integer representation of the minutes part of the timezone. See toNumber() to get an integer representation of the timezone.
@prop sign number (signed int) number representation of the prefix of the timenzone. 1 for positive, 0 for UTC and -1 for negative timezone offset.
@prop prefix string string represenationg of the prefix, e. g. '+', 'Z' or '-'
@method toString() string returns value
@method toNumber(option: string, invertSign: boolean) number (signed int) returns value as a number. The scale is provided in option (defaults to 'MINUTES'). Set invertSign to true for sign symmetry with Date.getTimezoneOffset() (defaults to false). Valid values for option are: 'MILLENIA', 'CENTURIES', 'DECADES', 'YEARS', 'QUARTERS', 'MONTHS', 'WEEKS', 'DAYS', 'HOURS', 'MINUTES', 'SECONDS', 'MILLISECONDS'.
@static fromNumber(offset: number, invertSign: boolean) Timezone Create a timezone instance from a number (in minutes)
@static getPrefixFor(timezoneString: string) string Return cleaned prefix from timezone string. returns '+' for '+', '-' for '-'/'–'/'—' and 'Z' for everything else
@static getPrefixForSign(sign: number) string Return string prefix for number. See @prop prefix
@static getSignForPrefix(timezoneString: string) number Return number sign for string. See @prop sign

Help and feedback

Please file issues in Github


We are open for PRs. Please respect to the linting rules.


Timestamp is free software und the BSD-3-Clause (see LICENSE.md).


If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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