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A simple library for sending HTTP requests.


To send a HTTP request.

import { createRequestSender } from '@bigcommerce/request-sender';

const requestSender = createRequestSender();

// GET request
    .then(({ body }) => console.log(body));

// POST request
requestSender.post('/foobars', { body: { name: 'Foobar' } })
    .then(({ body }) => console.log(body));

To cancel a pending request

import { createRequestSender, createTimeout } from '@bigcommerce/request-sender';

const timeout = createTimeout(100);
const requestSender = createRequestSender();

requestSender.get('/foobars', { timeout })
    .catch(({ status }) => console.log(status));




To create a new instance of RequestSender.

createTimeout(delay: number?)

To create a new instance of Timeout. If delay is defined, the instance will automatically timeout after the specified period. Otherwise, it remains inactive until complete() is called.


sendRequest(url: string, options: RequestOptions): Promise

get(url: string, options: RequestOptions): Promise

post(url: string, options: RequestOptions): Promise

put(url: string, options: RequestOptions): Promise

patch(url: string, options: RequestOptions): Promise

delete(url: string, options: RequestOptions): Promise

To submit a HTTP request using GET, POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE method. Alternatively, you can call sendRequest and specify the request method as an argument.


complete(): void;

To manually complete a timeout.


body: any?

Request payload. Default: null

encodeParams: boolean?

URL encodes params. Default: true

headers: Object?

Request headers. Default: { 'Accept': 'application/json, text/plain, */*', 'Content-Type': 'application/json', }

params: Object?

URL parameters. They get serialized as a query string. Default: null

method: string?

Request method. It's ignored if calling one of the convenience methods (get, post etc...). Default: GET

credentials: boolean?

Same as XMLHttpRequest.withCredentials. Default: true

timeout: Timeout?

Define if wish to timeout a request. Default: null


body: any

Response body. Default: null

headers: Object

Response headers. Default: {}

status: number?

Response status code. Return 0 if the request is cancelled. Default: undefined

statusText: string?

Response status text. Default: undefined


Some useful commands

# To test
npm test

# To lint
npm run lint

# To release
npm run release

For more commands, please see package.json



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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