CLI tool calculate bugs in git repositories based on commit messages.


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Calculate bug spots in git repositories based on commit messages.

This is the command line tool that uses the @berries/acai library to calculate a list of files that where bug prone in the recent past by applying a score value to the files. The older a commit for a file gets, the less priority it has. This prevents files that where fixed a long time ago to be forever on top of the list.

Important note: The results for the hot spots are only relevant for the project itself and can not be compared from one project to another (except you find a way to do it! 😉).

Animated usage example of the acai cli.

Table of contents


  • Node >= 8
  • NPM >= 5


You can install the CLI with:

$ npm i @berries/acai-cli -g

and run the acai-cli inside a git repository (other version control systems will be follow):

$ acai

or use npx and run acai directly:

$ npx @berries/acai-cli


Option Short Description
--help -h Show the help text for acai command line tool
--version Show the installed CLI version
--cwd -d Define a different git repository, e.g.: $ acai -d "path/to/git/repo"
--format -F Define the output format. Available options: human
--branch -b Branch to run stats on, default branch is the currently selected
--depth -D Define how many commits in the past should be considered
--files -f One or more file patterns to match against. You can use http://www.globtester.com to test your patterns.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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