BEM file system schemes


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BEM file system schemes.

Supported schemes


var BemCell = require('@bem/cell'),
    BemEntityName = require('@bem/entity-name');

var atom = new BemCell(
        entity: new BemEntityName({
            block: 'b1',
            elem: 'e1',
            mod: {name: 'm1', val: 'v1'}
        tech: 'js'

var options = {
    naming: 'origin'

var bemFs = require('bem-fs-scheme')('nested')

bemFs.path(atom, options); // b1/__e1/_m1/b1__e1_m1_v1.js


elemDirDelim and modDirDelim has meaning only for nested scheme.

Parameter Type Description Default
options object, string '"origin"'
options.naming object, string Defines delimeters and wordPattern check [@bem/naming] '"origin"'
options.elemDirDelim string Separates element's directory "__"
options.modDirDelim string Separates mod's directory "_"

Options could be one of these strings:

  • "origin"
  • "two-dashes"
  • "react"

check ./lib/presets


Code and documentation © 2015 YANDEX LLC. Code released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

[@bem/naming] : https://github.com/bem-sdk/bem-naming#bemnaming-elem-mod-wordpattern-

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