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Warning: This is deprecated, as it's now default behaviour for bb-package/bb-serve

Provides font compilation to BB CLI build tools (bb-serve, bb-build, bb-package).

Install alongside bb-package, bb-serve, or bb-build (prefer global)

npm i -g @bb-cli/bb-build-plugin-font

Hint: Use with @bb-cli/bb-build-plugin-sass for building themes:

npm i -g @bb-cli/bb-build-plugin-sass


bb-serve project --build-plugins @bb-cli/bb-build-plugin-font
# OR
bb-serve project -b font

With sass plugin too:

bb-serve project -b font,sass

Make Alias

Add to your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zshrc (etc):

# bash
echo "alias serve='bb-serve project -b font'" >> ~/.bash_profile && source ~/.bash_profile

# zsh
echo "alias serve='bb-serve project -b font'" >> ~/.zshrc && source ~/.zshrc

And enjoy:


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